"Responding to the current landscape of social, political, and environmental issues, Threads Between: Examining the Human-Object Tapestry reconsiders how the artifacts we design can mediate relationships between the self and the world. This exhibition provides alternatives to the emotional, educational, and experiential possibilities of product design. Rather than producing objects that exist in the world, how can designers create meaningful interactions with their objects?"


Threads Between

Examining the Human-Object Tapestry


Products of Design Gallery @ SVA

Open House Gallery, Fall 2018

My role

Co-director (with Phuong Anh Nguyen), project manager, spatial design and fabrication lead

This gallery took its inspiration from nodes and connections. Tasked with exhibiting unrelated physical products and 2D renderings from first- and second-year students in the MFA in Products of Design program, the gallery team created energetic groupings that allowed each product to float alone while never being truly visually or spatially separated from others.

To do this, we designed and fabricated custom hanging shelves and utilized existing angled plinths. The focal center of the room was a grouping of four "columns" formed by plinths and shelves. From there, we positioned other products to create flow through and around the center.


Moodboard + color palette by co-director Phuong Anh Nguyen


This installation was realized through the hard work, determination, and spirit of the Gallery Team.

Thank you to:


Phuong Anh Nguyen (co-director + graphics lead)

Catherine Stoddard

Helen Chen

Pantea Parsa

Victoria Ayo

Hui Zheng

Micah Lynn

Ted Scoufis

Sherry Wu

Anna Chau

Seona Joung

Initial renderings by Hui Zheng

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